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Terms and Conditions

It will be important to first understand all the interpretations of the terms used here.

Company - refers to ProfEssayService.com which is the provider of services related to academic writing.
Agreement - this refers to the terms and conditions of ProfEssayService.com
Customer - refers to the person who places and order with the company and approves to the terms and conditions provided in the agreement
Product - refers to the electronic document- a paper or an essay or any academic writing that the customer orders and the writer deliver it as the final product of the order.
Order - refers to the request of a given paid product and is usually submitted online. It comes with the definition of the scope of work and the specific requirement about the desired product by the customer.
Order status - refers to the stage at which the order is progressing towards the completion of the work for the customer
Writer - an employee of ProfEssayService.com who is in a capacity to provide research as well as essay writing services to the customer on behalf of the company.
Product revision - refers to the editing of the final product submitted by the customer with regard to his initial requirements.
Support team at ProfEssayService.com refers to the sector that assists as well as coordinates the process of the order.
Verification process refers to the proof of the billing identification of the customer for the purpose of preventing cases of fraud.
Store Credit refers to the money account of the customer within the confines of the company website.

The Policy of Confidentiality

2.1. The company takes in high regard the confidentiality of its customers and at no cost will it disclose any information that regards its customers to the public. To ensure that all information regarding the credit card transactions are safe, ProfEssayService.com provides a safe and secure online transaction system of payment. However, the company will not in any way be held accountable whatsoever to the information disclosed beyond its exclusive control, and/or without its fault.

2.2. The personal information that the customer provides while filling the order and on other pages in our website like the name, home address, email, phone number will strictly be used while verifying and contacting the customer with regard to the order. Once the verification is over, additional documents are immediately deleted from the company’s database.

2.3. There is no provision for direct contact with the writer since the company provides a very able Support team available at any time of the day throughout the week. This is to ensure that the customer’s personal information is very safe and confidential.

2.4. Once the payment of the order is dine and all information is provided in the order and its description as well as the additional materials, the automatically become visible to the writer who has been assigned to the order. It is recommended that the customer does not disclose any information that regards the billing or personal information when placing the order as well as when communication with the writer through the messaging system. The company will not hold any liability for any information provided voluntarily by the customer.

Terms of Use and Product Description

3.1. The customer is offer by the company a personalized kind of a research and writing service which is usually done by a professional who is independent in order to assist in the completion of assignments and academic obligations. All the top services provided by the company are for the purposes of research and reference. In case the customer engages in improper usage of the document, the company is not in any way whatsoever liable.

3.2. With regard to all the intellectual rights of the product, the customer enjoys exclusive permission to use the document for a period not exceeding six months, after which the company retains all product rights.

Order Process

4.1. It is rather important for the customer to provide all valid information i.e. email address as well as correct home address and phone number where he can be reached with regards to the preparation of the order. Failure to comply may negatively affect the completion of the product thereby mailing the customer lose any claim to the guarantee which emanates from the breaching or violating of the terms and conditions of this agreement.

The writer only starts working on the order once the customer pays the total amount for the product at hand. The customer must be very precise as well as attentive when filling the order and the company will not be responsible for the delays on the part of the customer. Discounts are based on the number of questions that have been ordered.

4.2. It is the prerogative of every customer to provide precise details of instructions and requirements for the writer to work on the order. Failure to provide clear instructions and additional instructions provided in the order does not make the company liable to the late submission of the final product. The company also requires the customer to ask for revision services based on the initial description of the order. The customer is supposed to send additional information as well as instructions before the order is assigned to a writer.

4.4. It is the responsibility of the customer to regular check the messaging system for updates from the support system or he can check from the writer. This should be used to as prompt questions to the writer so as concerns are addressed or even providing additional information.

4.4. It is strongly recommended that the writer keeps in touch with the writer as well as the support team through the messaging system. Also, he is in a position to monitor the order status through the personal account on the company’s website.

Delivery Policy

At ProfEssayService.com, the top most priority is the satisfaction of the customer. Therefore it is the prerogative of the customer to provide valid and working contact information in order to ascertain that the paper product is delivered safely.

5.2. If the product was delivered within the confines of the deadline, the company will not be responsible if the customer was not able to deliver it.