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As a client, one orders an essay from a qualified writing service. It is necessary if you take your time while choosing the writer since it will determine the quality of the work to be submitted afterwards.  Money banks ensure that the wellbeing of the client is safeguarded; therefore, here at ProfEssayService.com we make certain that this is taken care of once you choose to place an order with us. Our services are quality, and at least three quarters of our clients return for more of our services.

Refunds: in case things do not go as expected one can refer to our money back about the refund which will approximately take at least a week.  Cancellation is bound to happen once in a while as a result of unavoidable circumstances. Once it happens prior to us assigning a writer to deal with your order, a full refund will be received. In case, we had assigned a writer to tackle your work, and he has done part of it he or she will be remunerated.  Cancellation prior to half or less the time delivery has passed will refund higher as compared to when less than half period has passed.  If at all the writer had completed the order within the assigned time, and it has already come to pass then there are no refunds.

Placing an order; man is to error and thus sometimes you may make an additional order by mistake. Once this has happened, it is crucial for you to cancel the order immediately with us.  If possible ensure that the cancellation is done before we assign the order to a writer; failure to this, you will have to follow the refund procedures outlined above.

Extra charges: sometimes your account may be mistakenly charged twice. In such a case, kindly contact us and submit both receipts as soon as possible so that we can refund the extra fee charged.

Favorable writer: here at ProfEssayService.com we allocate the order to the writer who has the skills to tackle it. In case, the favorable writer is not available to do it then a full refund is issued.  A client who has experienced this will get a discount the next time he or she places an order with us. Clients seeking revision services are also taken care of under such a case; if the favorable writer is not available, the matter will be forwarded to the dispute unit and a refund will be given as requested.

We deliver quality services on time; late upload and additional materials from the client may result to delay. In such a case, clients cannot request for a refund; if the additional materials are to be part of the outcome, kindly attach the initial order. Clients who remark on the quality of the work should forward the matter kindly to us with relevant evidence from the work done. This is then submitted to the dispute committee; it should be done within 14 days for it to be effective.